Right People

RIGHT PEOPLETHEME SPACE Design Group awaits right person who is creative, innovative and tolerant.


    Person who is interested in their surroundings and
    can create new ideas through constant observation


    Person who can maximize his ability actively
    without fearing new challenge


    People who respect, accept, and can work with
    colleagues for the same goal.

BENEFITSTHEME SPACE Design Group is creating better employee benefits and working culture than today for tomorrow

  • Medical and Family Event Support

    The Company conduct regular check-ups to maintain the health of employees and support family event pay in case of family event.

  • Transportation Support

    The Company provide transportation, fuel, corporate vehicles and others for business travel

  • Vacation Policy

    The Company creates environment for free use of vacations such as project vacation, reward vacation, and annual leave with no pressure

  • Support for Leisure and Cultural life

    For the high quality of cultural life of our employees, The Company provide performance tickets, cultural gift certificates, etc.