• Construction Management (CM)

    Construction Management (CM) refers to the task of consistently managing the project throughout the project acting as a liaison of owner at the pre-construction phase of commissioning and maintenance. It includes inspection on use time, test operation, propose excavation of projects, planning construction works, feasibility study/analysis, basic design, implementation design, procurement, and construction. Based on the expertise and technology of Theme Space, the Company has assembled the best experts in all areas of construction business management, such as VE (Value Engineering), LCC (Life Cycle Cost), Process Management, Quality Control, Contract Management, and Safety Management, to adjust the project duration, cost, and quality of construction work, and our goal is to complete the construction project in various facilities successfully.

  • Supervision

    Supervision is a quality and safety management duty by inspecting contractor on the construction site to see if he is using the right material and method according to the floor plan. Based on the technology of all areas of construction, Theme Space is based on the technology in accordance with Electric Technology Management Act, Fire-Fighting System Installation Business Act, and the Information and Communication Works Business Act; and is committed to maximizing the profit to the client by providing total service such as construction phase, construction phase, completion phase, maintenance phase, etc. by thoroughly complying with laws and guidelines.