OUR LEADERSHIPTHEME SPACE Design Group is constituted of experts of each area.

Jongsub Jeong정종섭
President ┃ CM/Supervision ┃ KIRA
Since 1990, he has been responsible for the supervision of redevelopment, reconstruction projects ,LH, SH, and local government-sponsored projects at the Mooyoung Construction Co., Ltd. was awarded the government and Seoul city commendation for successful completion of Yongsan National museum full responsibility management service and Seoul Medical Center CM. Joined Theme Space in 2019, he is serving as representation director overseeing supervision and CM based on accumulated rich experience and know-how from 30 years of experience.
Yang Hyo SubYang Hyo Sub
Vice President ┃ Architect, Construction Engineer, CMP
◾ Experience I 30 years at POSCO Group

◾ Representative Project I Dankook University Yongin Campus / Dongbusan Theme Park / Korea’s first steel-framed apartment (Sangnok Tower)
/ Han River Marbling City / Ulsan Munsu World Cup Stadium and other projects

◾ Award I by the Prime Minister / Commendation by the Minister of Culture and Sports / World Cup Badge (President)
Dongsoo Park박동수
President ┃ KIRA
After graduating from Chungbuk National University with Architectural Engineering major, he worked at Kimi Architects & Engineers Inc, performed common residential complex project planning and business work such as Banpo Xi apartment, Poil Xi apartment; also executed multipurpose housing such as The Morning of Kyunghui palace, Yeoeuido Lotte Castle. From 2006, while operating 2PI Dongin Architect, performed various tasks such as apartment, residential complex, small residential development, commercial, retail, culture and assembly facility design, supervise and others. Currently, based on these various experiences, he is blending urban planning, landscape, traffic section with architect, supervising and leading large scale complex projects including city development project, district-unit plan, street housing reconstruction maintenance business, residential complex.
Lee jong chanLee jong chan
Group head / CEO
◾ Experienceㅣ Professor, Department of Civil and Environment, Military Academy / Adjunct Professor at Yonsei University, Korea University, Kookmin University, Sejong University, etc. / Adjunct Professor at Hongik University
Chairman of the Modular Subcommittee of the Korean Institute of Architects and Engineers / Member of the Eco-friendly Building Certification Review Committee, Korea Environment Corporation
Special Construction Deliberation Committee member of Ministry of National Defense / Technical Advisory Committee member of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
Seoul Jung-gu Office / Seongbuk-gu Office Urban Design Committee Member / Court Administration Specialist Committee member of the Supreme Court

◾ Representative project ㅣ Study on guidelines for the prevention of condensation in igloo ammunition depot / Basic research on design standards for protective facilities / Research on standard unit cost calculation for defense military facilities / Study on improvement plans for ammunition storage facilities / Research on revision of defense military facilities / Design and construction guidelines for underground ammunition depots Preparation research / Preliminary feasibility study for the reconstruction of the warrior's house / Planning and design to review the feasibility of a college student dormitory construction project using marine containers / Feasibility study service for the construction of Jeonju Ith Stadium and baseball field / Construction of the Armed Forces Welfare Center / Military barracks dormitory and singles Accommodation construction / reconstruction of Gangneung Winter Olympic Art Center

◾ Education ㅣ Department of Architecture, Hongik University / Master of Engineering, Yonsei University (Major in Building Environment Planning) / Master of Engineering, AMIST (Major in Structural Engineering)
Doctor of Engineering, Yonsei University (Major in Architectural Environment Planning)
Jeonghyeon Yoo유정현
President ┃ Architecture Design ┃ KIRA
After graduating from Hanyang University with architecture major, he gained a variety of practical experiences such as accommodation, business facilities, educational facilities, and residential facilities at Seoul Architects. Then executed planning and supervision duty of Duksung Women’s university liberal arts building and SK company building. Afterwards, operated the Institute of Architecture BLAU and performed the MBC miracle library planning and design work. Experienced various projects in Vietnam, Russia and CIS region while at Doul international, Ltd and EGA group. Based on various oversea projects experience such as successful completion of Embassy of Kajakhstan government office and residence building CM, currently representing the Theme Space, developing design needs and suggesting strategic direction of projects by developing various needs of users in carrying out domestic and overseas projects.
Kyeongho Shin신경호
Executive Director ┃ Urban Planning ┃ Professional Transportation Engineer
Graduated Hongik University in 1991 with urban planning major, he performed various traffic analysis and impact evaluation, Pohang, Gimcheon, Donghae and other city basic planning, management planning, urban traffic duty and various engineer duty at Dongil Technology Co, Ubo Engineering Inc, Songhyeon R&D Inc, and Oidi inc. He joined Theme Space in 2019 March and serving as division head who oversees urban planning based on wide range of urban, transportation experience, know-how, engineering technology from 28 years of experience.
Taesup Ha하태섭
Managing Director ┃ Urban Housing Dept. 01 ┃ KIRA
Graduated from Keimyung University with major in Architecture Engineering/Kookmin University Graduate School of Design, At How Architects inc, he performed Wonju Express Bus Terminal, Samyuk University 100th Anniversary Memorial, Samyuk University Minister's Office. At Insunn Architects Inc and Hudaim Architect Inc, performed common residential business for 10 years such as Housing Redevelopment Project in Hyochang 3 Zone, Housing Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Project in Jangwi District 1, Housing Redevelopment Project in Yeomni District 4, Housing Redevelopment Improvement Project in Howon District 1, Housing Redevelopment Project in Hannam 2 and 4 Zone, etc. Currently at the Theme Space, he is charge of urban residential 1 department, executing duty such as Unnam Community Housing Cooperative Apartment Building construction, Gyeongseo 2 District Housing Association Apartment Building Construction, Yangji 7 District Housing Cooperative Apartment Construction, and the Bankjeong Urban Development Project Apartment New Construction.
Hyunjong Kim김현종
Managing Director ┃ Urban Housing Dept. 04
From 1995, performed planning and designing duty of various development project (common residential/residential complex) from private constructor such as LH, SH constriction, Daewoo construction Inc, Hyundai Development Company, Samho Inc, Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd, Kye-Ryong Construction; trust company such as Korea Asset in Trust Co, KOREIT for past 23 years working at Danwon architect, Hanbit architect, and Moritdolace architect. from 2019 February, he is overseeing various planning and designing various residential project that leads residential culture as a Theme space’s Urban Housing 4 department head. His milestone works are Baikun Hyosung Harrington Place Lake (B1-C4), Daejeon southern west division 1,12 blocks, Cheonan e-Pyeonhansesang Smile City and others.
Sechel Shin신세철
Managing Director ┃ Strategic Architecture
From 1995, performed commercial facility, hotel, museum, factory, plant and more working at Seoul Architect, Doul Architect, EGA group and others for past 24 years, Especially, based on years of Russia and CIS region project execution experience, he is charge of Theme Space Strategic Oversea Business Department.
Woojin Lee이우진
Managing Director ┃ Urban Planning Dept. 01
From 1997, by working at Kyongho Engineering & Architect Co., ltd, KG Engineering & Architect Co, ltd, Dohwa Engineering & Architect, Dongbu Engineering for past 21years, he performed wide range of work such as urban basic planning, urban management planning, district unit plan, urban environmental improvement project, urban development project, industrial complex planning and various urban development related consulting. Based on his accumulated know-how and skill from engineering duties, he is overseeing urban planning duty through meeting up to client’s needs and improving technical competitiveness.
Youngjin Jung정영진
Director ┃ Urban Traffic Planning
Major in urban transportation engineering, worked at Daesin Engineering Co, Seok Tap Engineering, Urban Future Engineering Co., Ltd and others for 16 years; performing establishing basic and mid-term plans for traffic design and evaluation, transportation safety plans, basic and implementation design, traffic communication measures and over 200 various projects. Based on his rich experience and skill, he is charge of overall traffic related duty including traffic impact assessment and traffic performance review.
Lee Hui ByeongLee Hui Byeong
Managing Director ┃ CM Strategy Group
◾ Experience I Worked for over 20 years in construction companies affiliated with large corporations and mid-sized companies/construction, public affairs, maintenance, business management, site manager, PM

◾ Representative Project I Junggye Jugong Apartment/Jeonggok Building/Okgye Limestone Mining Plant/Yeonsu 35 Siyeong Apartment/Dangjin Steel Works
/ Muak Hyundai Redevelopment Apartment / Ilsan 2nd Union Apartment Apartment / Guwol Main Plaza / Paju Gyoha 6 Block East Gate Apartment / Suwon Hwaseo East Gate Apartment
/Gangneung Ice Skating Stadium/SK Biotech Sejong Plant/Cheonan Sinbang-dong Townhouse/Singil 4-dong Public Complex Complex and Other Projects

◾ Sang-Hoon I Hyundai E&C Chairman’s Award